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Things exactly as I’ve heard them

I am a huge fan of the movie Magnolia and back in the day, I amassed a bit of a Magnolia Memorabilia collection.  Most of the stuff lives in my family’s house on Long Island.  As I’m currently home for the holidays, I’ve been routing through some of my old nuts and berries.  I just found a program that was handed out at the premiere.  It is really beautiful and features a quote from Paul Thomas Anderson that I think is very cool and reminds me of me and people and stuff and theater and reasons and so-now-then’s.

This is it:

I have discovered that I write movies so that I can be around my friends who are actors.  They travel to far off places, they work with other directors (a form of an affair to my sensitive side) and they are wanted by many.  So in an effort to keep them close there is a movie called “magnolia.”

I love to watch actors act and I strive to impress them; I think wanting to do this makes me a better writer.  There is nothing that can compete with the thrill of the first read-through of the script.  When I hear Julianne Moore say the words I’ve written, I get all sentimental and in love.  She says things exactly as I’ve heard them for months and months while alone in my room.

In addition to this, I’d like to think that “magnolia” is written about what I know, who I am, and what I want to be.  This screenplay gives me the chance to say things that I want to be able to say in my own life.  It gives me goals for my own relationships and feelings.  I hope that I can be a better person, like Jim Kurring.  I hope that I can do and say all that my movie says to do.  Enjoy.

-paul thomas anderson

november, 1999

Pretty sweet, huh?  I’m glad I found that.  If I had found it pre-Christmas, I might have put it on a tee shirt and given that tee shirt to myself as a gift.  Alas, I did not.  Maybe next year.

By the way, “Jim Kurring” is a (really remarkable) character in the movie.  He lost his gun today, but he’s still a good guy.

In retrospect, that quote is much too long to put on a tee shirt.  And, anyway, some things are better not on tee shirts.

played 39 times

In anticipation of the (mad exciting) reading at Goodspeed, here’s a spoiler-free clip of "Miss Marizpan" from ReWrite, a musical comedy triple feature. Sung by the incredible Lorinda Lisitza.  This is taken from a bootleg recording I found lying on the street.  For those of you who don’t know ReWrite, my hope is that you’ll be intrigued and thoroughly confused.

Christmas on Long Island

Today, I watched Anitchrist.

And then I set up my family’s nativity.

I love Christmas.

I would never wanna force this song on anyone, but I think this cover is unique and lovely and it took me by surprise.  Its so nice to see performers who are actual human beings, playing and singing in a way that is homespun and filled with personality and just plain rad.  (I never use the word “rad,” but Briana has compelled me.)  Check ‘em out (the song starts about 2:30 in) and then listen to some of their other stuff.  And then, for the love of Christ, go dust off your guitar and record a video of you in your bedroom singing a song.  It’s the whole reason the internet was invented.

played 30 times

"The Prisoner’s Christmas Song," sung by Jason “SweetTooth” Williams at the New York Public Library.  December 13th, 2009.

My musical ReWrite is gonna have a concert performance at the fancy and beautiful Goodspeed Opera House.  It will be performed by students from the Hartt School of Music, as well as the great Jason “SweetTooth” Williams.  It will be directed by John Simpkins.  It will be attended by people who may be severely bothered by the language and content of the show.  I truly can’t wait.

“In summary, this airman, although talented, will not be guided by policy… Sometimes his rebel and superior attitude seems to rub off on other airmen staff members.”
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